About Villanti

About Villanti and Son Printers

"Print is alive." Jay Villanti

Villanti Printers, a third-generation, family-owned business based in Milton, Vermont, has been bringing words and images to dazzling life for 65 years. When Tony Senior installed the first letterpress and offset equipment in his original Burlington, Vermont, shop in 1959, he knew only one way to run a business - the right way - and so immediately began building a legacy of craftsmanship, customer care, and exceptional quality.

Jay - Tony Senior's grandson - and his wife, Kat, own Villanti now, but our core principles have not budged. There's ink in our veins, a passion for quality and a commitment to the customer that's shared by everyone in our bustling, bursting 40,000-square-foot headquarters.

"Print is alive" and its heartbeat starts with the men and women who transform ideas into something tangible, something you can hold in your hands. Work gets done here, dedicated work and careful attention to detail, from the initial handshake to the final slam of the truck door when the finished product goes out for delivery.

Take a look at any Villanti publication: doesn't matter if it's a sales postcard or a glossy 200-page book, the pictures shine, the text pops. Walk through the press room and you smell the smell of work being done, of perfectly calibrated ink being poured, of rubber and paper, of metal and machines. There's heat and noise and miss-it-if-you-blink cutting, binding, and sorting. And there's paper, stacks of beautiful paper everywhere, paper waiting to find new life in whatever form our customers can dream up.

This is our life, the life of print. At Villanti, we don't know any other way to live. We print and we mail and we do it well, guided by the same high standards Tony Senior set in 1959. We welcome the opportunity to share what we love, and all that we've learned, with you on your next project.